Cisco Exam Preparation Guide For 642-889

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Question No. 1

In Layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, if a customer is using the same AS number at both customer sites and the PE-to-CE routing protocol is BGP, what must be enabled on the PE router?

Answer: A

Loop prevention in BGP is done by verifying the AS number in the AS Path. If the receiving router sees its own AS number in the AS Path of the received BGP packet, the packet is dropped. The receiving Router assumes that the packet was originated from its own AS and has reached the same place from where it originated initially.

The feature could be a disaster if customers are using same AS number along the various sites and disallows customer sites having identical AS numbers to be linked by another AS number. In such a scenario, routing updates from one site will be dropped when the other site receives them.

To override this feature, AS-Override function causes to replace the AS number of originating router with the AS number of the sending BGP router. The command is neighbor ip-address as-override and can only be executed under the VPNv4 address-family

Question No. 2

An engineer is configuring an MPLS network to support multiple customers with the same prefixes Which configuration variable allows the engineer to use overlapping prefixes in an MPLS environment?

Answer: C

Question No. 3

A financial institution is experiencing rapid growth in VPWS branch connections and expects to have

approximately 110 sites. If all the branch uplinks implement Ethernet technology, which architectural changes can you propose?

Answer: A

Question No. 4

Which option is used as a loop prevention mechanism to support MPLS VPN customers with multihomed sites?

Answer: D

Site of Origin BGP Community Attribute

The site-of-origin (SoO) extended community is a BGP extended community attribute that is used to identify routes that have originated from a site so that the readvertisement of that prefix back to the source site can be prevented. The SoO extended community uniquely identifies the site from which a router has learned a route. BGP can use the SoO value associated with a route to prevent routing loops.

Question No. 5

In which configuration mode is a route distinguisher configured in a Cisco IOS XR router?

Answer: E

Question No. 6

For which reason does Cisco 6PE use two MPLS labels in the data plane?

Answer: A

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