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Question: 21

Traffic to which destination is sourced from the NetScaler IP (NSIP) by default?

A. NTP servers
B. Clients on the Internet
C. Load-balanced web services
D. Load-balanced authentication services

Answer: A

Question: 22

Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer configures COOKIEINSERT persistence method for an HTTP VServer named ‘myApp’. Many clients do NOT allow the persistence cookie to be set and application sessions fail as a result. All clients are behind a network address translation (NAT) gateway, which will insert the client IP address into an HTTP header called X-Forwarded-For.
Which command could the engineer execute to provide persistence for clients while still distributing the requests across the bound services?

A. set lb vserver myApp -persistenceType SOURCEIP
B. set lb vserver myApp -persistenceType NONE -lbmethod SRCIPDESTIPHASH
C. set lb vserver myApp -persistenceType COOKIEINSERT -timeout 0 -cookieName X-Forwarded-For
D. set lb vserver myApp -persistenceType NONE -lb method TOKEN -rule “HTTP.REQ.HEADER(\”X-Forwarded-For\”).VALUE(0)

Answer: D

Question: 23

An engineer has two NetScaler devices in two different datacenters and wants to create a high availability (HA) pair with the two devices, even though they are on two different subnets.
How can the engineer configure the HA Pair between the two NetScaler devices?

A. Configure StaySecondary on the second datacenter appliance.
B. Ensure that INC mode is enabled during the creation of the HA Pair.
C. Enable the HAMonitors on all interfaces after the HA Pair has been created.
D. Change the NSIP of the second appliance to be on the same subnet as the first appliance.

Answer: B

Question: 24

When a network engineer logs onto a new NetScaler device in the London datacenter, data output indicates that the device is NOT configured for the local time.
How can the network engineer synchronize the correct time with an NTP server in the local data center?

A. Configure the correct time from the GUI and restart.
B. Modify the ntp.conf and rc.netscaler files and restart.
C. Logon using the nsrecover/nsroot credentials and restart.
D. Configure the NetScaler as a secondary NTP server and restart.

Answer: B

Question: 25

Scenario: The NetScaler has connections to a large number of VPNs. The network engineer wants to minimize the number of ARP requests.
Which feature should the network engineer enable to minimize ARP requests?

A. TCP Buffering
B. Use Source IP
C. Edge Configuration
D. MAC based forwarding

Answer: D

Question: 26

A network engineer has configured two NetScaler MPX appliances as a high availability (HA) pair.
What can the engineer configure to prevent failover if only a single interface fails?


Answer: A

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